Paul Gerard is an innovative and creative man who enjoys the challenge of helping smaller businesses grow and achieve success by a unique merger of strategies, tools and techniques to help you succeed and achieve your business life goals.  Trained in Graphic Communications and Publishing Management at California State Polytechnic University in the 1980s, his career has spanned the roles of Business Development, Sales and Marketing with Fortune 500 to 1000 companies.

He has recently focused his diverse talents on the needs of small to medium sized companies believing that their growth and success best helps the country to grow and thrive.  As the founder of Marketing Alchemy his focus is on supporting success and growth for enlightened entrepreneurs to bring their business to the next level through the wise use of the internet and new world marketing strategies.  Paul is not just a skilled technician in the every changing world of technology but he is now focusing his varied talents to increasing the profits and presence of local and regional businesses.

Disenchanted by the unbridled greed of modern corporate America he has chosen to focus his time, talents and energies on the business of helping entrepreneurs achieve maximum success and market penetration. 

Using the skills of a lifetime of success he is ready to help you better comprehend your clients, their needs and how to increase your appeal to better convert your marketing to sales and success with results focused multilevel marketing strategies.

In his distinct approach to web-site design, digital reputation management and branding with the latest techniques in effective Search Engine Optimization he will help you craft effective off-line and on-line campaigns.  He converts techno-babble into English.

As a Certified Master Results Coach, a Certified Master Performance Coach and a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (based on the art and science of excellence) Paul is well positioned to help you and your Company achieve maximum success in keeping with your vision and goals.