Welcome to the Marketing Alchemy Website.  This site will serve as a resource for you on the latest trends and opinions on Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Optimization, Client Conversion, Website Design and utilizing the public tools of the ever changing dynamic of Social Networking in a multifaceted approach to both improve your internet presence and enhance your web relevance to the search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) which will help establish you, your company and your website as the go-to authority so that the subtle aspects such as trust factor, domain authority and page authority can be utilized to market your company and convert your web visits into actual sales and profits.

All of these diverse aspects are constantly changing and shifting as Google is frequently changing what and how it values things.  Because of that you need someone who tracks and understands how you utilize all of the tools and tips that are available to you and your Company.

It is the goal of Marketing Alchemy to mix, arrange and transform the basic elements of internet marketing success into a results oriented strategic combination where the sum of the parts give you the whole key to unlock the clients you need.  This is an art more than a science.  It requires judicious application of a myriad of moving parts and concepts into an integrated holistic approach.

Much like the alchemists of old, the base elements are fixed but the right proportions and application create transformation from lead to gold.

It is this creative application of the many elements that make the support of Marketing Alchemy distinct from other Search Engine Optimization and marketing advisers.

Paul Gerard, CEO and Managing Director has been called a “Marketing Wizard” as he applied his principles of success for many Fortune 1000 companies focusing on the psychology of new business development, marketing and sales conversion. 

Turning his attention now to the unique needs of the small to medium sized business, Marketing Alchemy has the ability to integrate Internet Marketing Science with the Psychology of what makes your clients engage and buy your products and services, so you can maximize your internet presence.

Every client we have ever worked with has increased their business and profits far greater than the investment in our services.

CALL US and setup a twenty minute strategic conference call to determine how we can do this for you also.